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The Long March, Part 2

MSTied by Tom Smith

       (Lights and sirens.)

MIKE:  Oh, no, we got USENET SI-I-IGN!!


SERVO: ... all your fault.
CROW:  MY fault?
MIKE:  You guys are just too impressionable sometimes.
SERVO: Maybe.  Hey, where were we in this thing?
MIKE:  Captain Charisma just served up enough pseudoscience
       and racial hatred to set Benjamin Bannaker spinning
       for a hundred years.
CROW:  Right.

> What happened?

CROW:  Whups!  Reality just checked in.
MIKE:  He's having a flashback!
SERVO: Singapore '59 all over again.

> To answer that question, we must travel back those 100 years

SERVO: I knew it.  It's an episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

> and examine the career of one Franz Boas,

MIKE:  But there are so many to choose from!

> whom the liberal intellectual establishment regards with
> almost religious reverence.

CROW:  The Friends of Franz.

> Boas was an academic with Communist sympathies, and was
> actually cited by the United States Congress for over 40

> different Communist affiliations.

MIKE:  Mind you, I'm not saying I -would- kiss McCarthy's
       feet... but I might.

> Communist strategy in the United States during the early part
> of this century included

CROW:  The Nimzo-Indian defense and the Queen's Pawn Declined.

> what they called "the long march through the institutions."

SERVO: Too easy.
MIKE:  Way too easy.
CROW:  The high school cafeteria jokes alone....

> This meant that Communists and sympathizers would infiltrate
> and gain positions of influence in as many important American
> organizations as possible;

MIKE:  Those lousy Commies'll never get away with it!  We'll
       destroy them from within!

> including churches, clubs, social organizations, service
> groups, government departments, the legal profession,
> and especially schools and colleges.

CROW:  Oh, like what the Christian Coalition does now?
MIKE:  I was actually thinking the tobacco lobby.

> In the event of a Communist revolution,

SERVO: You will be instructed where to tune in your area....
MIKE:  I didn't know my area could pick up anything.
CROW:  Mike, I love you, so I won't take that brilliant,
       one-in-a-zillion, on-a-silver-platter straight line.
       This time.

> party members and sympathizers would already have their
> fingers on enough levers of power

SERVO: Throw open the switches on the Sonic Oscillator!

> to help the revolution along and to govern once it took
> place.

CROW:  To help it live on its own in the wilderness.

> In the event that a violent revolution did not take place,

MIKE:  The Tilt-A-Whirl repairman would be called in.

> the "long march through the institutions" would be an
> alternate road to power.

CROW:  You know, you -could- read into this that the Beatles'
       "The Long And Winding Road" played as a medley with
       "Revolution" is a metaphor for Communism.
SERVO: You could also stick your face in a blender and enjoy
       the reverb, but I don't recommend it.

> The Communists and those behind Communism,

SERVO: Are two different groups, apparently.

> as we all know,

CROW:  Presumptuous little ferret, isn't he?
MIKE:  ... You sound like Dr. F.
CROW:  Hmph.  (shrugs)  Wonder why.

> took that alternate road in this country.

MIKE:  You knuckleknob -- American Communism's -this- way!

> Once in positions of influence, they were able to help
> each other,

CROW:  Isn't Communism -based- on helping each other?
MIKE:  Yes, but only for evil purposes.
CROW:  Ohhhh.

> sway the minds of students and others under them, and crush
> their disorganized and surprised opposition,

SERVO: I got six kids who won't take story problem pop quizzes.
       Crush 'em.

> especially in the academy where they still rule today.


> Boas was one of the most skilled practitioners of these
> skills.

MIKE:  If you're gonna have skills, do try to be skilled
       at them.

> Boas was born in Germany in 1858 of radical socialist

> Jewish parents.

SERVO: Rather than human beings.

> His fame rests on his contributions to the field of
> anthropology,

MIKE:  If you civilize it, they will come.

> the study of the origins and development of man and human
> societies.  His education included no study of anthropology;
> and how he got his Ph.D. is something of a mystery,

SERVO: In fact, we're not sure how he even got in the building.

> but nonetheless he went on to obtain a professorship at
> Columbia University

CROW:  He's my hero!

> and subsequently created what is known today as social or

> cultural anthropology.

MIKE:  As opposed to anti-social, illiterate anthropology.

> Cultural anthropology, in contrast to physical anthropology,
> holds

SERVO: The pinky in the proper position when drinking tea.
CROW:  Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
MIKE:  The same thing we do every night, Pinky.  Try to take
       over Wonderland.

> that external environmental forces determine human
> development almost to the exclusion of biology and genetics.

SERVO: And that little "almost" is what blows this all to hell.

> Boas, who died in 1942, spent his life energetically
> promoting the equality doctrine.

MIKE:  Until, finally, it controlled the company, and fired

> Over a period of several decades, the pupils of Boas

SERVO: Were almost constantly dilated by hard drinking.
> were given the air of authority that goes with doctoral
> degrees,

MIKE:  I detect four years of 1.9's here.

> and were placed into positions of responsibility in
> anthropology departments of leading universities around
> the nation.

SERVO: Through the inhuman and barbaric practices of education,
       research, promotions and tenure.

> These Boas disciples received the concerted backing of the
> press, radio, and TV

MIKE:  Who really liked the deep bass and dynamic response.
CROW:  That's Bose.
MIKE:  Ohhh.

> (which were also by this time in the hands of America's

> enemies).

MIKE:  Too damn easy.
SERVO: I could just start rattling off TV shows.
CROW:  Or politicians.
MIKE:  Cable networks.
SERVO: Fast food.
CROW:  Video game commercials.
MIKE:  Keanu Reeves movies.
SERVO: Superhero merchandise licenses.
CROW:  Multinational breweries.
MIKE:  Monopolistic software developers.
SERVO: Unscrupulous athletic-shoe manufacturers.
CROW:  Revisionists of environmental and welfare law.
MIKE:  Marketers of POCAHONTAS toys.

> These media served as a platform to freely espouse their
> "great"

CROW:  Putting quotes around a word in this is like saying
MIKE:  Unless you're Jack Kirby.  Then it's like saying "This
       is deeply meaningful.  No, really."
SERVO: Didn't like CAPTAIN VICTORY, huh?

> opinions on various issues.

> At the same time, the critics of the "Boas School" were
> to a large degree silenced.

SERVO: Except those of us who wouldn't shut up.

> A prominent Boas student, Professor Melville Herksovits,
> stated, "The four decades of the tenure of his professorship
> at Columbia gave a continuity to his teaching

CROW:  Sorely lacking in this diatribe.

> that permitted him to develop students who eventually made
> up the greater part of the significant professional core of

> American anthropologists,

MIKE:  Their own qualifications were never involved.

> and who came to man and direct most of the major departments
> of anthropology in the United States.

SERVO: It's brilliant!  All we have to do is prove that we know
       more about it than anyone, and HA-HA-HAAA!  They'll let
       us TEACH it!

> In their turn they trained the students who, with increases
> in general interest in the subject...  have continued in the
> tradition in which their teachers were trained."

CROW:  Um... isn't that the point?
MIKE:  Shhh.  Nobody's told academia yet.
> Thirty years ago America's pre-eminent physical

> anthropologist, the late Carleton Coon,

CROW:  Whose name must really bug this guy.
> minced no words

SERVO: You need a word processor for that really fine texture.
> in describing the chicanery of the cultural anthropologists: 

MIKE:  Stay tuned for "Those Wacky Cultural Anthropologists!"
> "More serious are the activities of the academic debunkers
> and soft-peddlers who operate inside anthropology itself.

SERVO: Pesky Commies always pollute the debate with the truth!

> Basing their ideas on the concept of the brotherhood of man,

MIKE:  An obviously ridiculous concept to begin with.

> certain writers, who are mostly social anthropologists,

> consider it immoral to study race,

SERVO: I always liked Hadji.

> and produce book after book exposing it as a `myth'...

CROW:  Yeth?

> and [saying]

MIKE:  Or some other verb.  Whatever.

> we should pretend that race does not exist.

MIKE:  Pretend that Doris Day and Eartha Kitt are the same

> These writers are not physical anthropologists,

CROW:  But they play them in National Geographic.

> but the public does not know the difference."

SERVO: So White Cloud -isn't- softer?

> So while the liberal anthropologists continually lecture

> the public on racial matters through an endless stream of
> books and articles,

SERVO: Darn!  Now they've replaced Mister Boffo with
       another liberal anthropology column.  At least
       we've still got Dilbert.

> the fact is that they have no real credentials for such
> pronouncements.

MIKE:  Not that I'll show you mine.

> Those with such credentials -- the physical anthropologists
> -- are seldom given a media forum.

SERVO: But, rather than give them that forum, I'll keep
       spouting off.

> I do not want to leave the impression that physical
> anthropology was somehow eliminated or absorbed by
> cultural anthropology.

MIKE:  (as Terminator)  Your t'eories.  Giff tham to me.

> At the present time the debate still rages between the
> two schools.

SERVO: =klik= One-Adam-Twelve, One-Adam-Twelve, see the man.
       Anthropology rumble at the Bones & Scones Debate Club
       and Donut Shop. =klik=

> Despite decades of equality propaganda,

CROW:  Louis Farrakhan and Pat Buchanan are still listened to.

> some scholars are still intellectually honest, you see,

MIKE:  Look here, in this microscope.

> though the TV-watching and newspaper-reading public almost
> never hears from them.

CROW:  Not too many other media left, babycakes.

> Who were and are these cultural anthropologists that have
> been propagandizing the public with the equality doctrine?

MIKE:  How did they live, and why did they die?

> Therein lies the truly revealing aspect of the matter. The
> most prominent among the Boas devotees are as follows:

SERVO: Know these faces... remember these names.

> Ashley Montagu (Jewish, despite the name),

MIKE:  I cannot believe he just said that.

> Raymond Pearl,

CROW:  Howwwww-DEEEEE!

> Melville Herskovitz,

CROW:  Is it rude to be thinking Moby Lox?
MIKE:  Careful.  Burger King might put smoked salmon on
       a bagel and call it The Great White Whaler.

> Herbert Seligman,

MIKE:  We -could- make a joke on this name.
CROW:  We just wanted to leave at least one of them alone.

> Otto Klineberg,


> Gene Weltfish,

CROW:  This was found in the DNA of easily-bruised flounder.
MIKE:  You serve those garnished with Gene Shallots.
SERVO: D'ohh!

> Amram Scheinfeld,

SERVO: He used to be funny, but Kramer's getting on my nerves.

> Ruth Benedict,

MIKE:  Known to the Chicago Police as "Eggs".

> L.C. Dunn,

SERVO: L.C.!  You done in there?

> Isador Chein,

ALL:   (singing) That's the sound of the men
       Working on the Chein ga-a-ang....

> and Margaret Mead.

CROW:  You know, she hit puberty while cavorting in a pile of
       chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow creme.
MIKE:  Coming of age in s'mores?
SERVO: Well, of c- huh?

> It is very noteworthy that a very high proportion of the
> Boas illuminaries were foreign born, and in almost every
> case Jewish.

SERVO: Credentials mean NOTHING, do you hear?  NOTHING! 

CROW:  I suppose this guy's ancestors just spontaneously
       generated from protomatter in the shadow of the
       Liberty Bell.

> The two women mentioned, Mead and Benedict, were reportedly
> a lesbian couple.

MIKE:  A fact I've obsessed on for a long time now.

> Does Jewishness prove Communist or subversive motives by
> itself? No, but

SERVO: ... but I think it should, and so should you.

> when one considers the Communist connections of Boas himself,

SERVO: The Red cable is for the speaker on the RIGHT!  Get it?
       Huh?  Get it??

> and the fact that Ruth Benedict, Gene Weltfish, Melville
> Herskovitz, and especially Ashley Montagu,

SERVO: Let's bring 'em out!

> had all been connected with Communist activities,

CROW:  Yeah, yeah, so was Lucille Ball, your -point-,
       Mr. Reagan?

> and when one also considers the long history of Jewish
> domination of the Communist movement,

CROW:  Anybody ever tell Stalin and Khruschev?
MIKE:  (as 2000 Year Old Man) Naahhh, we kept them guessin'.

> it certainly would cause one to view the whole group with
> extreme suspicion.

SERVO: Not to mention this article.

> It would be reasonable to suspect that these individuals
> might not have America's best interests at heart.

MIKE:  Yeah, anthropology's just a game I play.  I really want
       to subjugate the masses, y'know?

> The history of Boas and the equality doctrine is an
> interesting illustration in itself of the dangers inherent in

SERVO: Sniffing glue on Pledge Night.

> the presence of alien influences within even a relatively

> homogeneous nation,

MIKE:  You and Cathy tried to copulate, didn't you, Matt?
CROW:  I slipped on a bar of soap, George, that's -all-.

> which is what America was back during the era of Boas'
> domination of Columbia University's anthropology department.

SERVO: Let's just leave this one alone, huh, guys?

> Being non-political, as scholars generally were,

SERVO: No one who studied would ever have an opinion or

> the physical anthropologists were simply unaccustomed
> to dealing with an alien group within their midst

MIKE:  Until then, they'd lived a placid existence, eating only
       nuts and berries and always being kind to strangers.

> possessed of both a fervent political agenda and a powerful
> ethnic nationalism, who were bent upon twisting scholarship
> into a propaganda tool.

CROW:  Ah, the nefarious Immigrant Intelligentsia Illuminati.

> Combine the collaboration of the partisan media with the
> willingness of the "Boas School" to distort and falsify
> science,

SERVO: Add water and stir.

> and we see the operation in its essence and as it still
> functions today. It is a sobering example of the kind of
> subversion that has taken place in so many areas of American
> society.

SERVO: Yes, yes, we already -did- jokes on the hypocrisy of
       you snarling because you didn't subvert us -first-,
       would you please -move on-!?
MIKE:  You think this guy's bathroom mirror says "Wash Me"?
CROW:  Talk about the pot calling the kettle African-American.

> Certainly the subversion continues today and has deeply
> damaged our society.

SERVO: Poor Kevin Costner, for example... being forced to
       accept several million dollars to -kiss- Whitney
CROW:  Tom, you do realize that at least one reader will -not-
       recognize that as sarcasm.

> We have fallen so far that the Republican party, viewed by
> many well-meaning White Americans as the nation's salvation,

CROW:  We'll just bounce off their bellies.

> is saturated with the equality philosophy.

ALL:   Eewww!

> The examples are numerous.

MIKE:  Give me a minute here.

> The victory of Proposition 187 in California was a result of

CROW:  The run-and-shoot.

> the total frustration of Californians with the totally
> ineffectual efforts

MIKE:  Like, totally.

> of the federal government to stop illegal immigration.

SERVO: Scare tactics, outright lies, impossibly complex
       immigration procedures, paperwork in a language
       emigres don't read well, and the unwillingness of
       American citizens to actually do menial labor for
       themselves were never involved.

> The initiative, which has now technically become law

CROW:  Technically, meet so-called.  So-called, technically.

> though Jewish lawyer Mark Silverman has vowed it will be
> "litigated for years"

CROW:  Won't that cut off its circulation?
MIKE:  My friend, you've stumbled onto an eerily apt metaphor.

> and the will of California's people has been stifled,

SERVO: Forced into voting democratically for a law they wanted.

> would simply prevent illegal aliens from obtaining public
> welfare,

MIKE:  So they can be reduced to hotel cleaning or begging
       on the street.

> public medical assistance,

SERVO: So they can starve and die out in the open.

> and access to public schools,

CROW:  So they'll always have that slack-jawed, utter
       bewilderment we're so good at exploiting.

> and would increase the penalties for the counterfeiting
> of documents used by illegals to obtain employment.

MIKE:  Honey, would you like to wait years for Immigration
       Services to publicly humiliate us and treat us like
       lice-infested heathen scum?
SERVO: I'd rather dodge bullets and swim the Rio Grande in
       the dark.

> When it began to look like the proposition was going to win,

CROW:  We sucked up and did it for the Gipper!

> we saw two of the most prominent "conservative" gurus,
> Jack Kemp and William Bennett,

ALL:   (singing) Kissing Saaan-ty Claus....

> travelling to California and making public statements
> attacking the provision as "exclusionary" and "undemocratic."

SERVO: -All- poor and helpless people should be downtrodden,
       not merely foreigners.

> Another example is the recent broadcast statement of the
> House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, in which he proclaimed that
> we must accept an "integrated society."

CROW:  Knowing Newt, he meant to say "integrated circuitry."
MIKE:  The white wires are for uploading only.  The black wires
       are for downloading only.

> Actually the evidence of Newt Gingrich's liberalism goes much
> deeper than a few public statements.

SERVO: We've got photos of him sitting on Gary Hart's lap.

> Recently, Speaker Gingrich wrote the introduction to the book
> Creating a New Civilization

MIKE:  Doesn't the existing one have to fall before you do
CROW:  Hopefully -on- this guy.

> by Jewish authors Alvin and Heidi Toffler.

SERVO: Aha!  See?  It's a conspiracy!  They -are- trying to
       create a new civilization... the JEWISH one!

> Mr. Toffler has written several popular books over the years

MIKE:  Unlike, say, me.

> projecting his vision for the future of society;

SERVO: Alvin Toffler's Metropolis.
CROW:  In Nonsensurround.

> two of the most well known being Future Shock and The Third
> Wave. Contained within the pages of their most recent book is
> the advocacy of, among other things, both homosexual and
> polygamous marriages, convenience abortion, and various
> kinds of "New Age" claptrap.

SERVO: Ten bucks says this guy loves Heinlein.

> Also singled-out for praise in several instances in this book

> is the liberal Democratic Vice President, Al Gore, Jr.

MIKE:  Which I guess means Newt didn't read it before writing
       the intro.

> Throughout the book they repeatedly make much use of standard
> Communist phraseology,

CROW:  Like what?  Ivan?  Borscht?  Nadia Comenici?

> and the Tofflers are reported to hold a sincere reverence for
> Karl Marx himself.

CROW:  He was much funnier than Zeppo.

> Furthermore, targets attacked by them include traditional
> families, patriotism, and national sovereignty,

SERVO: You still a sexual and domestic slave, honey?
MIKE:  Yes, I am, dear!  Did you have a nice day slaughtering
       others in the name of our flag?
SERVO: It's my God-given right.
CROW:  Brought to you by the N.R.A.

> and they refer to a homogeneous population as a "curse."

CROW:  (falsetto) Now, I don't mean "homogeneous," I mean
       "homogenous" -- as in milk.

> They even go as far as to boldly claim

MIKE:  Where no claim has claimed before!

> that the principles held by our founding fathers, and
> embodied in the Constitution, are "oppressive and dangerous
> to our welfare."

SERVO: You mean not granting women and minorities equal status
       with white men the first time around?
MIKE:  Leaving the Second Amendment open to interpretation by
       drunken sportsmen?
CROW:  Letting any old doof spout off on why skin color is bad?
> In other words, the Tofflers are espousing the same old
> liberal, anti-American, "one world" garbage

MIKE:  (singing) Just one world,
       Stinking in the darkness....
SERVO: That's more than enough Barry Manilow, thank you.

> that has been propagated by
> our enemies for the past sixty years or more.

SERVO: Ohh!  Wal-Mart.

> And Newt Gingrich, the standard-bearer for the Republican
> Party, wrote a glowing introduction to their book.

CROW:  Got the graphite for his pencil direct from Fermi II.

> If you cannot reason from these facts -- if you still believe
> that the Republicans really oppose the liberal program --
> then there is indeed no hope for you.

SERVO: I wonder if Captain Nice here has read the rest of the
       paper lately.
CROW:  The New York Times is dropping the business and op-ed
       sections to make more room for cultural anthropology.

> In reading the Toffler's book, we find repeated calls for
> "diversity"

CROW:  (falsetto) Nooo, I've told you, there's no one here
       named "Diversity"!

> in nearly every chapter, and warnings that our only hope is

> to promote and foster "diversity" in every aspect of American
> society.

MIKE:  Fortunately, I'll be there to stop it.

> In addition to this we find the declaration, in so many
> words, that we cannot stop Third World immigration.

SERVO: You ever notice no one calls for a fence along the
       -Canadian- border?

> The long and short of the Toffler's recommended vision for
> America is a society consisting of atomized and disconnected
> individuals of every race, unified as members of a giant

> network harmoniously exchanging their thoughts and ideas,

MIKE:  Wait a minute.  Disconnected, but unified as a network?
SERVO: You know, the WB.
MIKE:  Ohhhh.
CROW:  Kiss the frog, baby.

> and out of all this will emerge a "new civilization" in the
> land that was once America.

MIKE:  In my vision of the future, people will cease evolving.

> It is just a repackaging of all the old liberal
> hallucinations of the past:

CROW:  Ahh, Jerry Garcia designer neckties.

> "the brotherhood of man," "the unity of mankind,"

> "one-world," "the new world order,"

SERVO: Hey, that one's George Bush's.

> "equality" and on and on in the same old tired vein.

MIKE:  The welfare of others is so boring.

> Like trendy leftists everywhere these days,

SERVO: Here's Fidel in a beautiful camisole.

> the Tofflers do pay obeisance to "market forces"


> but then the economic structure was never really the reason
> behind our enemies' calls for revolution anyway.

CROW:  They love vodka, see, Commies love -vodka-, and they
       didn't know how else to call for another "round"!
       Ha-ha!  "Round"!  Heh-heh... a-heh... ahem.  Never mind.

> As the Tofflers and their sycophants -- both Republican and
> Democrat --

SERVO: Strom Thurmond never makes a move with consulting Alvin
MIKE:  Or tea leaves.  Or something.

> call for increased "diversity" as the remedy for our ills,

SERVO: Try new improved "Diversity," with hexachlorophine,
       retsyn, Nutrasweet, the strongest pain reliever you can
       buy without a prescription, -and- that fresh pine scent.

> more and more White Americans are coming to the realization
> that "diversity" is the cause of our problems rather than
> the cure.

SERVO: I wouldn't have lost my job, broke up with my girl,
       or caught my head in that mechancal rice picker, except
       for "diversity."
CROW:  Our class-action suit disputes "diversity"'s claims
       of weight reduction, hair restoration, and control of
       diabetes and angina.
MIKE:  "Diversity" has a fabulously crowded social register.

> As ever-increasing numbers of our people, especially in urban
> areas,

SERVO: No way.  I peeked at the end of this post and saw your
       geographic market.
MIKE:  Dukes of Hazzard?
CROW:  Hooterville.
> are finding it necessary to live behind electronic
> surveillance systems, armed security guards, and barred
> windows --

MIKE:  And be interrogated by a woman named Inga.

> all aimed at keeping "diversity" at bay --

CROW:  Ohh.  So now "diversity" means "homicidal ethnic burglar
       looking for crack money."

> they will come to understand that in order for our nation
> to survive, diversity is something to be prevented, not
> promoted.

ALL:   Conform!  Conform!

> A creative, conquering spirit still lies suppressed within
> the consciousness of our people.

CROW:  Ahh, the good old days of McCarthyism, Kent State,
       and Grenada.
MIKE:  What was creative about all that?
SERVO: The justifications at the time.
MIKE:  Ohhhh.

> That spirit has sustained us since the beginning of our
> existence.

SERVO: Now with one-third fewer calories.

> It will emerge again.

MIKE:  And if it sees its shadow....

> Instead of conquering a vast wilderness or exploring
> uncharted regions of territory or knowledge,

SERVO: We should cower in our holes and shun the light.

> we must come to realize that the present struggle is an
> intellectual and spiritual one within ourselves.

SERVO: It only makes sense to open the presents now!
CROW:  No, you have to wait till Christmas morning.
SERVO: But they're already under the tree!
CROW:  Santa knows if you've been bad or good.
CROW:  (sigh) Santa's very disappointed in you.

> In order to have any chance of survival we must purge
> from our minds the popular superstitions and fetishes
> popularized by the media.

MIKE:  He probably means all of 'em, doesn't he?
SERVO: That's as ripe a crop as the "enemies of America" bit.

> We must reject the do-gooding hallucination

CROW:  (as Dudley) I'm not really here, Nell.

> of "brotherhood," the self-hate

SERVO: The Michael Jackson-Kurt Cobain collaboration.

> that has been so cleverly injected into so many of our
> people,

CROW:  Yes, yes, polluting their precious bodily fluids, ENOUGH

> and of course, the destructive alien doctrine of liberalism
> and its parent, equalitarianism,

MIKE:  Open-mindedness and fairness may already be harming
       your children.

> regardless of whether we hear them from conservatives or

> liberals, Republicans or Democrats.

CROW:  Warmongers or wimps.
SERVO: Tom or Rosanne.
MIKE:  Flo or Eddie.
CROW:  David or Hasselhoff.
SERVO: Sinclair or Sheridan.
MIKE:  Truth or Dare.

> After that battle has been won, the job of straightening
> out North America and our people's homelands around the
> world will be comparatively easy.

MIKE:  At least compared to being a meddling busybody -and-
       a frothing isolationist.

> That is why the enemies of America are so terrified that
> you might wake up.

SERVO: I'm really cranky when Commies knock at 7:30 on

> **This article was based on the *American Dissident Voices*
> program of 1st July, 1995.

SERVO: Adapted for the screen by Squintin' Moron-tino.



CROW:  All right, anti-democracy nuts at 9:00, income-tax
       abolitionists at 10:00, gay rights folks at 11:00,
       then, uh, break for lunch!

> - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ALL:   (singing) Dashing through the show,
       With a dead horse that we beat...
SERVO: Hey, that's got potential.

> The only truly uncensored patriotic radio program in America,

MIKE:  Yeah, we can swear if we want to.

> is now heard worldwide on shortwave,

ALL:   (singing) Mammy's little baby loves shortwave,

> on satellite,

CROW:  And, oh, do -we- wish otherwise.

> and on AM and FM radio in most of North America.

SERVO: But we keep getting drowned out by NPR stations.
CROW:  Or any kid with a Talkboy.


> Saturday 11:30am Central Time...............15420 kHz
> via WRNO
> Saturday  8:00pm Central Time................7355 kHz
> via WRNO
> Sunday    7:30pm Central Time................7355 kHz
> via WRNO

MIKE:  Not -this- satellite, buster.
CROW:  If I'm trying to watch Babylon 5, and this doof's signal
       blocks it....

> NEW TIME! beginning in September 1995

> Saturday  6:00pm Central Time...............C1, channel 15,
>                                             7.56 MHz audio
> from the Gulf of Mexico to the Dakotas

ALL:   (singing) To the shores of Tripoli....

> and Minnesota,

MIKE:  Where all the opinions are strong, free men are caught
       looking, and it's chilling how awfully they love
SERVO: Close.  Extra points for effort.

> plus parts of south central Canada via KAAY, Little Rock,
> Arkansas:

SERVO: Ooo-KAAY, Little Rock!  To get you going on that morning
       commute, here's some Hootie and the Blowfish!

> Friday night/Saturday morning
>           1:00am Central Time.......1090 on your AM dial
> Saturday night
>           11:30pm Central Time......1090 on your AM dial
> from Minnesota and Iowa west to Colorado and Montana,

ALL:   (singing) We will fight our country's ba-at-tles....

> plus a large part of western Canada

CROW:  Yeah, the Yukon.
SERVO: Challenge To Be Free 2: The Quickening.

> via KXEL, Waterloo, Iowa:
> Mon-Fri   9:30pm Central Time.......1540 on your AM dial

CROW:  Could this be interpreted as a stab at Our President?
MIKE:  Mmmm... could be.

> (these stations can be heard in most of Arkansas)
> via KMTL, Little Rock:
> Saturday 10:00am.....................760 on your AM dial

SERVO: Come on!  You can't hear an AM station in Arkansas at
       the far end of the same building!
CROW:  Get a new squirrel for the transmitter generator.
MIKE:  Guys... you're weakening again.
CROW:  Oops.
SERVO: Oh.  Sorry, Arkansas.

> via KAAY, Little Rock:
> Friday night/Saturday morning

>           1:00am....................1090 on your AM dial
> Saturday  11:30pm...................1090 on your AM dial
> via KSEY AM-FM,

SERVO: Didn't he play Shaggy?
CROW:  That's a stretch.

> Seymour:

ALL:   (singing) Suddenly, Sey-mour....

> Saturday 8:30am.....................94.3 on your FM dial
> Saturday 10:00am....................1230 on your AM dial

> via KGOL, Houston:

CROW:  Greetings to all Klingons working at NASA!

> Saturday 6:00pm.....................1180 on your AM dial
> via WAJF and WYAM,

MIKE:  What is this, a rugmaking class?
SERVO: You're thinking warp and weft.
MIKE:  Ohhh.

> Decatur/Hartselle:

SERVO: The Swedish Chef's drumming up business again.

> Wednesday 9:00am....................1490 on your AM dial
> Wednesday 9:00am.....................890 on your AM dial
> via WTIS, St. Petersburg:
> Saturday 11:30am....................1110 on your AM dial

MIKE:  What, nothing for -my- area?
SERVO: Not since you got stranded up here, friend.


> via WALE, Providence:
> Saturday 10:30am.....................990 on your AM dial

CROW:  Is it me, or are all of these markets just the
       teensiest bit conservative?
MIKE:  Let me see your papers, please.

> For further information write to:
> National Alliance
> PO Box 90
> Hillsboro, WV 24946

> Please include $1 for postage.

MIKE:  It's really only 32 cents, but if you bought the
       other crap, you'll probably buy this.

> National Alliance can also be reached at:
> WORLD WIDE WEB: (if unavailable,

MIKE:  I'm not doing anything tonight.

> try our ftp site)
> FTP SITE:, path /pub/NA/NA

ALL:  NA NA NAAH NAAH, hate, hate, hate, good-bye!


       (S.O.L.  Mike and the bots are dressed for
Christmas carolling.)

MIKE:  (singing) Dashing through the crap,
       Dished out by right-wing nuts,
       But there's one special sap,       
       Who champions stinky butts!

CROW:  Tobacco in his state
       Is always Number One,
ALL:   So let's make him our candidate
       For an Oval Office run!

       Oh, Jessie Helms, Jessie Helms,
       Leader of the South!
       We can hear you better with
       Your foot stuck in your mo-outh!

       Jessie Helms, Jessie Helms,
       Leader of the PACs!
       Oh, what fun that one Right-Winger
       Still despises blacks!

GYPSY: If you're from out of town,
       He doesn't think you're good,
       I'd like to see his car break down
       In an urban neighbor-'Hood!

SERVO: His diplomatic crafts
       Are uglier than his suit,
ALL:   As President, he'd be more laughs
       Than Quayle, Perot or Newt!

       Oh, Jessie Helms, Jessie Helms,
       Carolina's shame!
       If he doesn't like stuff, he'll
       Find foreigners to bla-ame!

       Jessie Helms, Jessie Helms,
       Filling us with mirth,
       Longing for the good old days
       When dinos ruled the earth!

MIKE:  What do you think, sirs?

       (Deep 13.  Dr. F, looking around forlornly.)

DR. F: ... Frank?  Oh, don't tell me you left already!
       Frank!  Fra-ank!

       (Jazzy drum music, a la THE MASK, starts.  Frank
jumps into the scene from S.R., with huge, black-streaked
hair [and the spitcurl], a domino mask, blue skin, and red

FRANK: (singing) Who is newly re-employed?
         Frankazoid, Frankazoid!
       Who gets Doctor F annoyed?
         Frankazoid, Frankazoid!
       He's a sidekick once agan,
         Frankazoid, Frankazoid!
       Strengh of one-point-oh-one men,
         Frankazoid, Frankazoid!
           The chicks all flock around him,
           But Doctor F will pound him --

       (Insert special guest appearance by Mister Fistie
here.  Dr. F nails Frank with a gorgeous right cross.)

FRANK: (cross-eyed) That's one punch I should avoid,
         Frankazoid... Fra-a-an-nk-az-z-zzz....

       (Frank does a slow-Moe fade to the floor.)

DR. F: Good to have you back, Doughy Guy.  Push the
       button, there's a good lad.

       (Frank's trembling hand appears above the console,
then flops onto the button.)

       \  |  /
        \ | /
      ---( )---   (((pwhohhhffhh)))
        / | \
       /  |  \

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Many thanks to Rei "Leaper" Nakazawa for sharing the pain.

> In order to have any chance of survival we must purge
> from our minds the popular superstitions and fetishes
> popularized by the media.

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