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Smithtone Central

I've got great fans. Some of them have been particularly ambitious, and done some things I still can't believe. Here's a partial listing of these Honorary Smithtones, with some of the lyrics at last, and more to come.

Yep, it's still out there somewhere. Click here for the latest info.

Fan Art

Fan Lyrics

Magic Grapefruit Road Crew

Awhile back, I did a Mystery Usenet Theater piece on a chain letter called "The Magical Grapefruit of Love". It featured a reference to the Magic Grapefruit Road Crew, On Patrol. One reader, known online as Pixel, embellished his car with this slogan. Sadly, the car has since bit the dust. But the Magic Grapefruit Road Crew lives on!

And Much More To Come!

Okay, Okay -- A Fan Kit

I've had requests for banners and such, and I finally came up with a couple of things. Use 'em as you will.



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