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Five Years of Filking

Words: James Rayner, after Tom Smith
Music: "One Week" by Ed Robertson

It's been about - five years since he went online,
Countless puns that are messing with our tiny minds,
Five years, scince he Dig-i-tized!
Skull-dude and Tourmy still cant get on with their lives,
30 Years scince the madness came,
For Tom Smith's disease, we know who has to take the blame!
Yesterday, I decided to filk,
And now you can start with the nostrils and the milk!

Oh-my-gawd, we got a Death-sheep, makes my skin creep,
And he's getting nuttier every Season!
We got pirate Jack, who's talkin smack, keep's gettin hit in the back,
to keep on track the planned plot-and-Movie,
Gawd here comes Illuminati,
They'll want to Pahty, But the Polka is outta style!
Pinky-hontas on a rampage, acting like Black-mage,
Though he'll burn out before he's started with A.I, Oh!
He'll sit over here, and use his leer, and watch the cuties reappear,
though without it, he's likely bound for Pepsi,
So he begins, and tales he spins,
will make you wince, and send you running for Miss Leslie!

So we're all helpless, then we're laughing, and it's Holy, man.
Trying hard not to smile at the all the raving fans,
He's the kinda guy who laughs at the president,
if you dont understand then you will in a moment,
He's got this tendancy to do his thinking with his guitar,
He has a history of losing all his strings!

It's been one year scince his thoughts went Live,
With a Journal he began to interfere in our lives,
Four years scince Dubaya began,
cant think of an insult bad enough for this man,
Another year scince the Cap'n Came,
Started a Day, but Tom Smith still takes the blame,
Yesterday, I got this idea here,
But I wasnt sure if it would be too queer..

Leslie Larkins, The Mad Science Ranger,
When she shows up, all things get stranger,
watching out the window of a Taurus, magic Fruit-a-saurus,
Then we'll dance on through the spam.
Divine Chilli eatin with a fork-three, Just Tom and Me,
And did we mention that guy Fenton?
Tourmaline is getting grouchy, gives Skullrose Ouchy,
Then she starts to think about falling free,
Gonna meet this with a time plot, and a Death Clock,
Sponsered by this nut named Cthulu.

How can I help it if I think he's going really mad,
Making puns like he was Piers' Anthony's dad,
He's the kinda guy that'd rather Oogle the ladies,
And he cant figure why they're the source of his maladies,
He's got this tendancy to make people go Jar-Jar,
And we're thinking of shipping him off to mars!

It's been nearly - Five years scince he made this thing,
in that time I've given up Magic:The Gathering,
10 Awards scince he got started,
And yet he still manages to get out smarted,
3 Years scince I Found this guy,
Made me laugh until I began to cry,
Yesterday, I sent him this filk,
I hope when he reads it he was drinking Milk.

I bet that he'll think I should get into filk..

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