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Press Kit: Artist Information

Tom Smith


Age: 49
Residence: Ann Arbor, MI

Musical Genres

Unlimited. I have written in moods from dramatic to silly to romantic, in styles from operatic to hip-hop to techno to Klezmer. I haven't written thrash metal lately, but don't blink.

In concert, I perform acoustic folk-rock, mostly comedy, influenced by but in no way limited to science fiction, fantasy, movies, comic books, video games, politics, popular culture, classic rock 'n' roll, musicals, technology, food, and anything else in the vicinity. Think Weird Al Yankovic with a much bigger book collection, or Jonathan Coulton with different (and a lot more) jokes, or George Carlin with several more songs about Cthulhu. Parodies, shtick with the audience, improv, lots and lots of puns.


  • Who Let Him In Here? (Dodeka, 1991)
  • Domino Death (Dodeka, 1994)
  • Plugged (Pretzel Productions, 1997)
  • Debasement Tapes (Pretzel Productions, 1999)
  • Tom Smith and his Digital Acoustic Compilation (Dodeka, 2001)
  • Live at GAFilk (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2004)
  • Badgers and Gophers and Squirrels Oh My: The 24-Hour Project (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2004)
  • And They Say I've Got Talent (Pretzel Productions, 2004)
  • Homecoming: MarCon 2005 (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2005)
  • Sins of Commission (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2006)
  • The Last Hero On Earth: A Comic Opera (Pretzel Productions, 2006)
  • iTom 1.0: And So It Begins (Pretzel Productions, 2006)
  • iTom 2.0: Transitions (Pretzel Productions, 2007)
  • iTom 3.0: True Love Waits (Pretzel Productions, 2007)
  • iTom 4.0: Smith and Legend (Pretzel Productions, 2007)
  • Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 1 (Pretzel Productions, 2008)
  • Sins of Commission 2 (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2009)
  • More Than FuMP: Songs of The FuMP, Vol. 2 (Pretzel Productions, download/CD-R, 2009)


  • Tom Smith's Big Book of Stupid Filk Tricks (out of print; 2nd edition coming soon)

Films and Videos

  • Babylon Park: Grudgematch (song, "Enterprising Man")
  • Saving Star Wars (song, "Rock Me Amidala")

Web Sites


  • Herbert West: The Musical
  • Ends 'n' Odds
  • Big Book of Stupid Filk Tricks, Director's Cut
  • Sounds Familiar
  • Girl Genius: The Musical
  • Lumberin' Bunny and Other Attempts To Influence Impressionable Young Minds
  • President Evil
  • Welcome To The Family
  • Skullrose and Tourmaline
  • Lovecraft: The Musical Comedy
  • Knowledge Is Power
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