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Press Kit: Basic Requirements

In practice, I am very, very flexible about what I need. Please e-mail me with any concerns. Consider this list an "ideal".

What I Offer

  • One or two high-energy comedy concerts, each between an hour and an hour and a half (if at all possible, blocking an hour and a half or two hour time slot, respectively, makes everything go much more smoothly). While I have some more adult material, I can keep it all family-friendly if there are a lot of kids
  • Appearance and performance at open filks
  • Other appropriate appearances, such as Opening Ceremonies
  • If you'd like, a panel or two, usually on music, making music with computers, movies, comic books, or puns (I have run many pun competitions over the years)
  • Lots of friendly interaction with convention members
  • As little drama and con-wank as possible

What I Need: Performance

  • Stage size: no minimum
  • Basic PA and lighting, if available
  • Two mikes on boom stands, one for vocals, one for guitar, if available
  • One solid chair, no arms (this is the one absolutely necessary thing -- I'm a big guy, and the chair must be able to take my weight)
  • One small table (or another chair if none is available)
  • Two bottles of spring water (please, no "drinking water")
  • One bottle of Pepsi, cold
  • If a convention situation, please try not to schedule me for programming on Friday evening (except Opening Ceremonies), so I can be fresh for the Friday open filk, or during Check-Out on Sunday, when everybody's trying to pack up and go. The best time for my main concert is Saturday afternoon. I also am very good with halftime at Masquerades.

What I Need: Accommodations/Hospitality

  • In those circumstances where the convention/venue is arranging the accommodation, I need a double-occupancy non-smoking room, preferably close to the elevators or to the performance space
  • If a convention situation, I will need three adult guest badges (one for me, two for assistants)
  • Travel expenses -- usually gas money, tolls when necessary, and (for cons more than 400 miles away) two nights' cheap motel
  • A sales area, where I can sell CDs, preferably next to the performance area
  • If a dealer's room table is available, that would also be greatly appreciated
  • Ditto, valet parking and Internet
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